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Training Approach

Our Management Leadership Development Certification workshop is designed to aid in your approach to employee performance.  Our mission is to work in partnership, supporting individuals to achieve their goals through self understanding, understanding others as individuals, and sharing a common language that supports and encourages trust and a commitment to performance.

Our approach is based on the fact that trust breeds commitment to performance.  For us, the integrity of the individual is paramount.  Each person, while sharing some behavioral patterns and cultural differences with their fellow beings, is a unique individual on their own personal journey through life, irrespective of their gender, ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation.  Therefore, any written, pictorial reference in the workshop material or verbal reference made on the courses must be viewed in this manner.

Our workshops are live, on site platform training...  with 25% lecture and 75% interactive role-plays and processes will give the employee the highest level of interactivity to the trainer, and designed to be fun. The best learning is achieved through participation; therefore, a greater majority of the workshop is highly interactive participatory exercises.  All participants are encouraged to share and to participate.  However, this remains strictly optional.  Individual views will be respected at all times.

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Management Leadership Development Certification Workshop

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