Curriculum Vitae
Dick Huiras
Trainer - Author - Speaker

Recipient of the 1996 Instructor of the Year award,
   University of Houston, Division of Distance and Continuing Education

B.A. Adult Education \ Minor equivalents in Psychology & Business
Graduate degree in Psychology (Behavioral Psychology)

Columbia School of Broadcasting - 1968
The Marriage Encounter (Counseling) University of Colorado - 1974
Diversity in the Workplace - Richard Attem Associates - 1992
The Service That Keeps Customers Coming Back - Canteen Corp.
Stress Management - University of Colorado - 1974
Stress and It’s Effect on the Human Body - National Jewish Hospital
Managing Diversity - J.L. Jordan & Associates - 1991
Creating and Administrating a Restaurant Budget - 1977
Marketing a Small to Medium Size Business - 1989
The Supervisors, Supervisor - 1973
Hospital Food Service Administrators Certification - 1 year course
Negotiating Your Way To Anything - Berman & Associates - 1987
Secrets of Delegation and Motivation - Univ. of Clear Lake - 1991
Coaching For Performance & Commitment - Pheiffer & Co. - 1993
Constructive Conflict Management - 1992
Secrets of Running Good Workshops &
Seminars - Jolles - 1991
I’m Women, Your Man - Dr. Janice Bently - 1992
How to Put Humor in The Workplace - Dr. Herb True - 1987
Stress and Wellness - University of Texas Science Center – 1988
U.S. Air Force - Honorably Discharged

Presidents Fitness Board - 1976 - 1979
Board of Directors for the American Society of Training & Development - current
American Society of Training & Development - Phoenix, Arizona Chapter - current
American Society of Training & Development - Houston, Texas Chapter - current
ISPI - Houston Chapter - current

Board of Directors - Houston Restaurant Association
Board of Directors - Make-A-Wish Foundation
President, Board of Directors - Make-A-Wish Foundation
Vice-President, Colorado Chapter of Speakers/Trainers
Vice-President, Colorado Chapter of Educators
Announcer for the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
Ben Johnson Pro-Celebrity Cutting, Roping and Team Penning
Cowboy Heritage Association - Founding Member

Management Leadership/Employee Development Certification Course
Coaching For Superior Performance and Commitment
Handling Conflict, Criticism and Anger
Basic Supervisory Skills Training Program
Managing and Coping With Stress
Team Building For The Future
Interpersonal Communication Skills & Styles
Middle Management Employee Development Skills Training Program
Giving Great Presentations
Simple Marketing Tricks for a Small Business
Communications and Effective Listening
Body Language and What It Says
Functioning of High Performance Cross Functional Teams

Coaching, Window To The 21st Century, DBA Houston Magazine - 1994
Five Basic Keys To Successful Coaching, DBA Houston Mag. - 1994
Are Coaching And Superior Managership The Same? - DBA Houston Magazine - 1994
Do What You Can And Can The Rest, Author, Dick Huiras - 1984
Making Total Quality Management (TQM) Work, - DBA Houston Magazine - 1995
The Art of Negotiating - DBA Houston Magazine - 1995
Managing A Diverse Workplace and Making It Work, DBA Houston Magazine - 1995
Secrets For Successful Presentations, DBA Houston Magazine - 1995
Managing By Appreciation, Author, Dick Huiras - 1977
Texas Food And Service News, Authored 22 Articles
Management Today, Wall Street Journal - 1994
Planning For Success, Nations Restaurant News, 1992
Empower People For Good Return On Investment, Houston Post - 1994

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